• Corporate Responsibility

    We are focused on improving energy use, tracking and safety…

    Yale Eco LogoYale is part of NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG), which recognises environmental sustainability and the highest standards of health and safety in our products, workplace and community as fundamental to our worldwide business operations.

    We believe Yale contributes positively to environmental sustainability.  Within the material handling industry, we see numerous opportunities to positively impact the environment. The industry provides equipment enabling the optimum flow of goods essential to a vibrant economy. To the extent this can be achieved while improving air quality, reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, increasing recycling, and increasing safety. Yale is all for it.

    Yale Asia-Pacific, along with NMHG, works to improve its own facilities in terms of energy use, energy tracking and safety:

    • Our commitment to all environmental initiatives is reinforced through our participation in developing industry standards to adopt these greener technologies safely and reliably.
    • We have used low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints for over 10 years.
    • We introduced powder coating as an alternative to traditional painting, with the intention of further reducing VOCs.
    • Our electrical and natural gas usage is monitored as part of an energy consumption management programme. 
    • We use energy-efficient LED task and overhead lighting, with sensors to activate lighting only when required.
    • Our Craigavon facility in Northern Ireland is actively pursuing the development and potential installation of a 2.3MW wind turbine which would generate a substantial portion of its electricity requirement.
    • The Craigavon site has also installed an Energy Metering and Targeting system which monitors the Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG, Argon, Compressed Air and Water usage every 15 minutes.
    • At our Berea, Kentucky plant, we have begun the process of eliminating electric boilers, air conditioners and natural gas heaters by re-using the heat produced in our internal painting processes
    • At our Berea plant we also installed a solar energy system that supplies energy for the water heating process
    • All of our sites have focused programmes for extensive recycling of wood, cardboard, plastic, office paper, metals, and electronics.
    • In 2011 each of the European manufacturing sites recycled more than 85% of the waste resulting from the production/manufacturing processes.
    • The increased use of returnable racking has reduced the amount of cardboard and wood waste created from component packaging and ensuring legal compliance with the relevant packaging regulations.  We have programmes to recycle lift truck batteries, tires and oil, both for our operations and for our customers.
    • Many of our sites use storm water retention ponds to control run-off, utilizing pollution-filtering plants.
    • Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified, denoting proper management of environmental goals.

    For specific product-related features designed for environmental sensitivity, please see our Green Product Design page.

    For further information on NMHG's environmental programs, see the full 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report.