GC030-040VX Cushion Tire Rider Forklift  

Cushion Tire Rider Forklift

Superior Quality Forklifts With Veracitor® Power

The name Yale promises reliability, but the Veracitor® adds just the right amount of ferociousness that makes the GC030-040VX trucks ready to tackle warehousing applications with power. Their versatility and maneuverability provide outstanding productivity in industries such as food, electronic and electrical equipment.

Operators prefer Yale® trucks for their advanced ergonomic technology that increases productivity by decreasing fatigue. Thanks to their extreme durability and innovative design, the GC030-040VX trucks require fewer trips to the shop, which also enhances uptime.

  • The Yale® Veracitor® VX Value truck delivers maximum performance for medium-heavy duty applications with state-of-the art features and industry-leading power.
  • The Yale® value truck has a Mazda 2.0L engine which offers high performance with outstanding operating costs.
  • The CSE™ (Continuous Stability Enhancement) system enhances the truck's lateral stability with a simple, maintenance-free design that does not compromise uneven surface travel.
  • Operator comfort is enhanced by the increased foot space in the well-designed operator's compartment. The isolated powertrain reduces noise and vibration minimizing operator fatigue and increasing operator productivity throughout a shift. Excellent operator visibility is afforded through the Yale Global Hi-Vis™ mast.
  • With the rear-opening, one-piece hood and on-board diagnostics,, this truck was designed with service details in mind.


ModeloCapacidade de carga (kg)Tipo de motorizaçãoTransmissãoVelocidade máxima de deslocamentoVelocidade máxima de elevação
GC030VX1361Mazda 2.0LElectronic Powershift, Techtronix 100, Techtronix 100X17,3 km/h0.58 m/s
GC040VXInternal Combustion Trucks1814Mazda 2.0L / 2.2L or GM 2.4LElectronic Powershift, Techtronix 100, Techtronix 100X16,9 km/h0.6 m/s


Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet



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