• It’s about the technology – plus the team

    Data is great, but your Yale® Dealer will make it work for you. 

    Yale Vision is a great addition to your management tool kit that can help deliver the best of both worlds – great fleet data that can contribute to reducing cost of operation and ownership and increased productivity out of every truck in your fleet for increased operational efficiency.For Yale equipment owners and operators, Yale Vision is the only telemetry solution designed and supported by Yale, available on new equipment, and as an easy retrofit for existing trucks in your fleet. Mixed fleets are no problem.

    Take your productivity to the next level by working with the Yale and our dealer network.

    With over 90 years of materials handling know-how, and a dealer network averaging over 27 years in the industry, Yale Vision can help save your business money that can be invested elsewhere in your business. Our goal is to create efficiencies and cost savings that you’ll see month after month, year after year.

    Your Yale® Dealer can offer you the option of equipping non-Yale® lift trucks with Yale Vision technology providing a solution for your entire materials handling fleet. Yale understands you have checklist verification obligations. Yale Vision coupled with Yale experience can help you address your obligations. Yale Vision can help you optimise fleet operation, reduce costs and increase uptime, and operational performance and productivity.

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