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Energy consumption cut by 10%

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Yale Europe Materials Handling has introduced E-steering as standard to its ERP 15-20VT series three-wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks, improving energy performance by 10 per cent.

E105-imageNow a standard feature on the VT 15-20 model, E-steering improves energy efficiency allowing operators to run a longer shift before having to change the battery and also improves driver comfort and reduces noise levels.

Matthew Allen, Yale solutions manager counterbalance product explains the benefits to both the end user and the fleet manager: “Yale’s E-steering system offers real financial savings. It means operators can use our trucks for a longer period before the battery needs to be changed.

“The system also improves driver comfort as the steering effort is adjustable and the steering always returns to the operator’s preferred position when driving straight ahead.”

The introduction of E-steering has resulted in a quieter truck as the hydraulic pump does not run continually. Maintenance has also been improved as the number of hydraulic lines in the steer column has been minimised, reducing the probability of leaks.

Matthew adds: “Even with the most productive equipment, the operator still has a bearing on the effectiveness of the truck. With the Yale VT series truck, the operator has a forklift that can operate for longer before battery exchange is required meaning he can move more loads during the shift. But productivity potential is also down to the operator, and with the introduction of E-steering drivers can maintain maximised productivity levels for longer thanks to increased levels of comfort during operation.

“Whatever shift pattern or application a business demands there is a VT specification that can meet it. The most ergonomically advanced three wheel forklift truck is now both more productive and energy efficient. ”

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