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Talgo and Yale Spanish distributor Hispaman, cooperate for high-speed train project in Saudi Arabia

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Talgo and Hispaman sign the agreement for the supply of 9 Yale forklift trucks for high - speed project

hispaman-talgo-press-imageHispaman group, authorized Yale dealer, and trains manufacturer Patentes Talgo, signed an agreement for the supply of 9 Yale® forklifts for high-speed train project which will link the cities of Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The Spanish leading company in railway sector Talgo strengthened the collaboration with Hispaman and Yale to support its manufacturing jobs, supply and maintenance of 36 high-speed trains in the Saudi desert.

A total of 9 IC diesel trucks that make up the fleet will be delivered over the next two years. Over this time, Abdullah Hashim Co. Ltd, Yale dealer for Saudi Arabia will support the delivery and commissioning of the equipment at destination. The close relationship of Yale with its network of authorized dealers and the support in managing international accounts have been key factors help Talgo managing their mission beyond Spanish frontiers with a quickly, efficient response.

In addition to supplying and commissioning the GDP30VX and GDP50VX forklifts (3 and 5 tons capacity), Hispaman are committed to training Talgo workers and the supply of maintenance parts and enough spare parts to allow the assembly works and maintenance of high-speed trains and not to interrupt the work schedule. 

According to Roberto Espinosa, Talgo Senior project equipment in Saudi Arabia, “the reasons why they have chosen Yale® trucks have been the proven reliability, good quality  and price ratio of the brand, and the assistance in the country of destination.”

For Talgo, “to realize the ‘AVE de los peregrinos’ (the high-speed train of the pilgrims) involves the design, construction, supply of 36 high-speed trains, as well as subsequent maintenance. For this complex project, we decided to have Hispaman as the most advantageous partner, given its offer and experience, involvement and service rendered to Talgo for more than 15 years.”

From Hispaman Group: “We are very proud to supply this equipment and we are pleased that such an important company as Talgo chose us for a project that transcends our frontiers.” In addition, the agreement “makes us more competitive in a market of vital importance such as forklifts industry and warehouse equipment. Yale® forklifts are designed and built to serve the most demanding applications. The punctual service to be provided in Saudi Arabia by Talgo and the professionalism of Yale team will be the perfect allied when complying with detailed tasks to be performed at its plants in Medina and Mecca.”