Performance in a practical package

With reliable performance in a value-driven package, the UX series is engineered to make lift truck ownership simple, affordable and adaptable – all backed by the trusted Yale name.

  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Optimum Structural Design
  • Serviceability
Industry Best

- Rental Stores
- Home Centers
- Light Manufacturing
- Auto Parts Distribution
- Auto & Transport MFG
- General MFG
- Mining, Energy & Construction
- Chemicals & Plastics
- Building Materials

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Productivity, Design, Serviceability

Simple and Productive

Easy to Operate

The ergonomically designed operator compartment, with a familiar automotive layout, means that drivers will be able to work comfortably. A range of standard features and options help to
ensure that the truck is configured to the needs of the application.


Due to the simplicity of the components and specifications, servicing can be carried out quickly and easily.


• Yale UX 3.5” LCD
• Spacious foot room
• Dual suspension system (transmission and operator)
• Hand parking brake lever with button significantly reduces fatigue in operation
• Small diameter steering wheel with adjustable tilt steering column

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