MO10E, MO10, MO10S

Medium and High Lift Order Picker

The solution for efficient second and third level order picking

MO10E, MO10, MO10S

Designed for picking up to 4.8m, an ideal solution in warehouses where picking individual items is the primary focus.

  • Operator comfort
  • Four performance settings
  • Energy efficient
  • High visibility mast
Industry Best

- Food Distribution and Processing
- Warehouse & 3PL
- Wholesale Distribution
- Home Centers
- Retail & E-Commerce (DC/fulfillment)
- Retail Store Operations
- Furniture & Furnishings
- Auto Parts Distribution
- Health & Pharma
- Auto & Transport MFG
- General MFG

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Ideal for comfortable, efficient second and third level order picking

Includes fixed fork, fixed cabin, supplementary lift and walk-on-platform or cage models, providing a precise application solution in warehouses.

Operator comfort

The large suspended platform with personnel present sensor covers the complete cabin area, this allows the operator to locate the most comfortable operating position throughout the shift. The cushioned platform absorbs vibration and the low step height helps to reduce operator fatigue.

The truck controls are positioned so that the operator walk through area is maximised for optimised picking from either side of the aisle

Four performance settings

The four performance settings allow the truck to be configured to suit operator and application requirements. In pedestrian mode the ‘creep speed’ function allows the operator to walk alongside the truck to the next picking location. Whilst the AC drive motor delivers smooth progressive acceleration, travel speed and braking.

Less operator fatigue

The coasting and fork lift/lower function buttons located on both sides of the truck allow the operator to walk alongside the truck and lift/lower the forks without being on board helping to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. The operator cabin can travel horizontally and vertically simultaneously to reduce the time taken to reach the next pick location on machines operating in guided aisles.

Energy efficient

The MOSFET control provides proportional handling for lifting/lowering of the cab and supplementary lift. Hose break valves prevent lowering in the event of a line break when a manual lowering valve allows emergency cab lowering.

High visibility mast

The panoramic designed mast provides excellent visibility, a slack chain detector prevents further lowering if an obstacle is encountered. Lowering speed is automatically reduced as the cab nears the floor. The MO10/MO10S have two mast options, three stage on the MO10S and one stage on the MO10E.

MO10E AC 48 SL
MO10E AC 17 WP
MO10E AC 0.7 FC
MO10E AC 12 SL
MO10E AC 15 FC
MO10E AC 17 SL
MO10E AC 12
MO10E AC 48 WP

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