Horizontal Order Picker

Ideal for high capacity warehouses for short/long transportation

The Yale solution to comfortable and efficient first and second level order picking

  • Scooter control/electric steering
  • Foot controlled platform
  • Fast travel speed
  • Adjustable performance setting
  • AC technology
Industry Best

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Available with a fixed or lifting platform with independent fork lift for first and second level picking the MO series also includes a scissor lift option for ground and occasional second level picking.

Yale MO series of order pickers is one of the most efficient and cost effective solutions for the fast efficient picking of customer orders.

Scooter control/electric steering

Scooter control allows the operator to remain within the footprint of the truck, reducing operator fatigue and ensuring them greater protection. Whilst the effortless electrical steering and automatic speed reduction on cornering ensures control and high productivity.

Foot controlled platform

The foot controlled platform allows second level picking to reduce operator fatigue. The large suspended platform comes with a personnel present sensor that completely covers the platform.  This allows the operator to find their ideal operating position.

Fast travel speed

Travel times are reduced between docking and picking due to the maximum travel speed of 13km/h

Adjustable performance setting

Adjustable performance settings for acceleration, travel and braking speeds can be adjusted by a service engineer to the particular needs of the operator through the operator console allowing the truck to be in effect customised to suit applications.

AC technology

The AC drive motor delivers high performance acceleration, travel speed and braking speed making the MO Series ideal for stop and go operations. The AC motor is low maintenance with built in thermal protection and is fully enclosed for protection against damage and debris, reducing downtime.

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