Tow Tractor

A highly competitive solution for manufacturing


An efficient and cost effective solution for line feed operations in manufacturing ideal for use in intensive manufacturing processes and for horizontal transport over short and long distances

  • Scooter control
  • AC Motor
  • Adjustable performance
  • CAN bus technology
  • Fast travel speed
Industry Best

- Automotive
- Chemical
- Construction
- Food
- Logistics
- Retail

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Designed for use in a wide range of manufacturing applications, particularly for line-feed operations.

The MO50-70T tow tractor is an efficient and cost effective solution for line feed operations in manufacturing

Scooter control

Scooter control with electric steering reduces the arm movement required to change direction. This allows the operator to remain within the truck footprint at all times for protection as well as reducing operator fatigue.

AC Motor

The powerful high thermal capacity AC drive motor delivers high performance acceleration, braking and travel speed – ideal for stop and go operations.

Adjustable performance

Adjustable performance settings allow the truck to be tailored to the needs of the application, reducing energy consumption.

CAN bus technology

Reduced wiring complexity is a result of the CAN bus communication system which also provides easy access to components and delivers improved reliability.

Fast travel speed

A maximum travel speed of 13km/h reduces travel time on long runs between docking and picking areas.

Model Load Capacity Turning Radius Battery Capacity Voltage Overall Width
MO70T 15000lbs 56 24V / 425-600Ah 31.3
MO70T (robot) 15000lbs 56 24V / 425-600Ah 31.3
MO50T (robot) 10000lbs 56 24V / 425-600Ah 31.3
MO50T 10000lbs 56 24V / 425-600Ah 31.3

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