Very Narrow Aisle Man Up Turret Trucks

Productive lift trucks for high-density warehousing


The Yale MTC very narrow aisle series provides the ergonomics, stability and performance necessary for maximum productivity in high-density warehousing.

  • Ergonomics and stability
  • Ultimate performance
  • Service and dependability
Industry Best

- Retail
- Logistics
- Construction Material
- Automotive
- Food
- Beverage

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Stability and productivity at great height

The perfect fit for dense, narrow warehousing

Ergonomics and stability

Reaching your performance goals requires operators to be comfortable and confident at great height. Whether seated, standing, order picking or full pallet handling, the MTC provides a secure, productive environment.

  • Tri and quad-form masts provide exceptional torsional rigidity, for stability and confidence all the way up to 55 feet high
  • Adjustable controls and infinitely variable armrests for low effort operation and ideal operating position to fight fatigue all shift long
  • Seat-side joystick controls enable simultaneous operation of travel, cabin lift and lower, auxiliary functions and fork lift, lower and rotation
  • High backrest and recessed swivel seat flips up for standup operation
  • Pedal-free floor eliminates trip points with non-slip mat
Ultimate performance

High density warehouses are exercises in efficiency, with layouts that maximize available space. The MTC series is designed to maximize productivity in high, narrow aisle configurations.

  • AC Power provides fast travel speeds, power lowering, strong acceleration and more responsive changes in direction
  • Smart-Glide™ continuous height sensing system provides step-less speed control by optimizing travel speed and acceleration based on fork heights
  • Turret head rotates 180 degrees, helping operators easily service both sides of the aisle and maximizing storage density
Service and dependability

Distrubution centers have tight spaces - and tight margins. You need a narrow aisle solution you can depend on, that keeps maintenance time and costs in check. The MTC series is designed to require less maintenance, and when it is necessary, they make service a breeze with easy access.

  • One-piece hood with gas-assist lifting cylinders in the rear offers easy access to all motors and controllers
  • Extended service intervals, now up to 1,000 hours due to pressure side filter indicators, electric steering and reduced electrical connections
  • Brushless AC motors help reduce maintenance, and offer grater efficiency than DC motors by eliminating arching, sparking and brush dust
  • Auto deceleration system improves brake life by automatically slowing the truck when the throttle pedal is released
  • Top battery access lid enables fast in-truck battery maintenance
Model Load Capacity Lift Height Platform Height AST Battery Capacity Voltage Weight
MTC13 1300lbs 10880 9225 1600 48V / 700-840Ah 6701
MTC15 L 1500lbs 16970 16890 1600 80V / 840Ah 7921
MTC10 1000lbs 7740 6085 1600 48V / 560-700Ah 6276
MTC15 S 1500lbs 12380 10725 1600 80V / 560AH 7140
MTC13 L 1300lbs 12380 10725 1600 48V / 1085Ah 7034
MTC13 80 1300lbs 10880 9225 1600 80V / 420Ah 6702
MTC15 M 1500lbs 12950 11295 1600 80V / 700Ah 7686

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