Super Compact Pallet Truck

Easy to use, built to last and with a tight turning circle.


Highly compact pedestrian powered pallet truck delivering excellent manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

  • Study and robust design
  • Ergonomic tiller head and controls
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
Industry Best

- Retail
- Logistics
- Construction Material
- Automotive
- Food
- Beverage

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Need CTA

The MPSC12 Super Compact Powered Pallet trucks are built to last, with their compact construction and a tight turning circle these trucks are easy to use.

They are ideal for loading or unloading lorries and for internal transportation of closed and open pallets over short or long distances.

Study and robust design

The low effort ergonomically designed controls are placed to reduce operator fatigue and the responsive butterfly switches control travel direction, speed and braking allowing for a smooth start, controlled braking and acceleration. 

Ergonomic tiller head and controls

The operator-friendly ergonomically tiller head is designed for maximum operator comfort and the low effort controls are placed to reduce operator fatigue. The responsive butterfly switches control travel direction, speed and braking providing smooth start, controlled braking and acceleration. 


MOSFET DC Combi controller for traction, hydraulic controls and battery discharge indicator

Low maintenance

Maintenance batteries with on board charger for on-site recharge and optimised battery packs to ensure maximum time of operation

Reduced downtime

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