Yale®Financial Services

Financing FAQ

Yale®Financial Services specializes in financing your lift truck needs.

Our programs make it easy to acquire the use of a lift truck or an entire fleet.

  • Extensive lift truck expertise to guide your acquisition
  • Variety of flexible financing plans tailored to meet your company's specific needs
  • Master lease - simplifies adding units
  • Financing for new or used trucks, as well as other equipment
  • Flexible programs through Yale Fleet and Yale National Accounts
Q1. Who is Yale® Financial Services?
  1. Yale® Financial Services (YFS) is the financial services arm of Yale Materials Handling and Yale can offer you tailored flexible financing solutions through our partnership with a panel of financial service providers. Our specialised knowledge of Yale® products means that we can determine values, structure plans, and develop financing options better than other sources.
Q2. Why should I use Yale® Financial Services to finance or lease my Yale® lift truck?
  1. Whether your business wants the benefits of ownership through financing or the lower payments and tax advantages of leasing, Yale® Financial Services offers a comprehensive range of flexible financing plans to meet your company’s financial objectives. Check out our Yale® Financial Services brochure for more detail.
Q3. How do I get a lease quote on a new Yale® lift truck?
  1. Contact your local Yale® dealer to request a lease quote on a new Yale® lift truck. You can locate your local Yale® dealer by using our Dealer Finder tool. On the information form, please indicate your interest.
Q4. For how many months can I lease my new Yale® lift truck?
  1. Lease terms are typically between 12 and 84 months. Yale® Financial Services will consider longer terms on a case-by-case basis.
Q5. Do you finance equipment other than Yale® lift trucks?
  1. While Yale® lift trucks are our main focus, we do offer financing and leasing options for other equipment sold through your local Yale® dealer.
Q6. Will YFS finance used equipment?
  1. Yale® Financial Services offers very competitiive financal options for Yale® lift trucks that has been refurbished and certifiied through the Yale Approved Used programme.
Q7. Who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance on an existing account with YFS?
  1. Please contact you local dealer or Yale Financial Service directly. Please have your account number available. For help online, click on the “My Account” tab at the home page of the Yale® Financial Services website. Once signed on, you will be allowed to view the current status of your account, see your payment history, print out current invoices, and much more.
Q8. Can I incorporate a full maintenance contact with my YFS lease
  1. Yes, Yale® Financial Services has the ability to incorporate a full maintenance contract with your local Yale® dealer along with your Yale® Financial Services lease contract. This enables you to make just one payment per month for both lease and maintenance. Contact your local Yale® dealer for a full maintenance quote on a new Yale® lift truck along with a lease payment through YFS.