• Realize substantial savings, make the ICE to E conversion today.


    Advancing technologies and proven performance have allowed electric lift trucks to break into markets traditionally dominated by ICE lift trucks. And with the benefits of electric lift trucks continuing to grow, it’s no surprise that they now account for as much as 61% of the lift truck market.

    Not all ELECTRICS are created equal.

    Want to talk about a versatile electric lift truck with the power and performance of an ICE? You got it. Welcome to the 5,000 lb. capacity Yale® ERP050VL four-wheel pneumatic tire electric lift truck offering:

    • Powerful AC motors for quick acceleration and fast lift/lower speeds
    • Zero turn radius steer axle and dual AC drive motors for tight turning radius
    • Maintenance free Continuous Stability System (CSS™) for simple articulation over uneven surfaces, enhancing lateral stability and improving comfort
    • Optional premium performance package provides up to 16% greater travel speeds and 25% faster lift speeds
    • Outdoor protection/wash-down package, mud guards and tilt cylinder boots available for harsh applications


    Now through December 31, 2017, lease a ERP050VL for just  

    per month for
    63 Months
    per month for
    39 Months
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    Promotion trucks include all standard features, as well as a 3-stage full free lift 189” mast, hose group, integral sideshifter, 80 volt Enersys battery (28” battery box), SPWS (single point battery watering system), Enersys charger, primary power converter, full-suspension vinyl seat, pneumatic shaped solid tires, two front halogen work lights and one rear halogen work light, LED brake/tail/backup lights, as well as strobe light and audible alarm. To further customize trucks, additional options can be added, but will result in a payment or lease term change.

    All transactions are subject to credit approval by Yale® Financial Services and subsequent execution of all required documentation. Published rates and payment factors are subject to change without prior notice.