GP050LX Pneumatic 4-Wheel Lift Truck  

Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck

Affordable and Durable Pneumatic Lift Trucks

The GP050LX Pneumatic 4-Wheel Lift Truck works as an extended member of your team to meet the bottom line and keep productivity high. Its maneuverability and innovative design with the controlled powershift transmission allow smooth direction changes that won’t decrease tire life.

The GP050LX truck is also safe and operator-friendly. The operator restraint system includes non-cinch seat belts to ensure safety on the job. The adjustable steering column and non-suspension vinyl seat are also designed to combat fatigue, increasing uptime. Stick with Yale for their dedication to quality lift trucks that won’t bust your budget.

  • The GP050LX is the lift truck that works smarter and harder. This truck is designed to be a great value, getting the job done without breaking the bank.
  • The GP050LX is engineered for agility. Every truck is built with an electronically controlled powershift transmission for smooth direction changes, and we’ve designed the truck to be compact and easier to maneuver, so it’s as agile in tight spaces as it is in open ones.
  • The optional integral side shifter allows the load to be optimally positioned, and the responsive, operator-selectable electronically controlled inching adjustments give the driver better control over load positioning.




ModelModel DesignationLoad Capacity (lbs.)EngineTransmissionMaximum Travel Speed (mph)Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min)
GP050LXInternal Combustion Trucks5000PSI 2.4LElectronic Powershift 1 Speed11.8128



GC050-GP050LX Brochure
GC050-GP050LX Brochure


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