• Yale® Motorized Hand Trucks as Low as $78 a Month

    MPB040-E, MSW040-E, MPC060VG and MPE080VG trucks are designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of business owners. With lower operating expenses and reduced labor costs and maintenance than comparable equipment, Yale motorized hand trucks can be a huge asset to your business.

    If you are looking to acquire material handling equipment, Yale Financial Services can provide a financing solution that suits the needs of your business and supports your bottom line. We can help make your payments affordable and put the best equipment to work for your business today.

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    MPB0404-E Class III Lease mpe080vg
    MSW040E Class III Lease mpc060vg

    Payments listed above are for illustrative purposes and are based on True Lease financing terms for 60 months (for MPB model) and 63 months (for MPE and MSW models). Rates are subject to change.

    Why Lease?

    • Affordable monthly payments instead of a lump sum up front
    • Ability to reinvest cash you would have used to buy in more strategic places
    • Flexibility to upgrade to the latest lift equipment at lease end.

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