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    From fleet management strategies to flexible finance and lease options to nationwide dealer support for 50,000+ assets, Yale productivity solutions are as creative as they are comprehensive. Giving you the power to break free from inefficiencies and boost productivity.




    Predictive maintenance can reduce overall maintenance costs up to 1 30 Percent   Yale Fleet Management can return to your bottom line up to 2 25 Percent   Percentage of companies who don't track truck and driver utilization is 3 80 Percent  


    Creative Fleet Management

    Decrease ownership costs and increase vehicle lifespan with Yale fleet management. With strategies like fleet right-sizing, you can boost your bottom line by up to 25%. Add a predictive maintenance plan and you can reduce overall maintenance costs up to 30%. 

    Flexible Lease & Financing

    At Yale, we offer flexible finance and lease options that allow you to focus on running your operation as efficiently as possible. From unique hourly and seasonal programs that let you scale based on demand to customized payment terms that match your cash flow. 

    Data-driven Productivity

    It may come as a surprise but 80% of companies do not track specific truck and driver utilization. With data-driven productivity tools like Yale Vision and Yale Vision with GPS, you can track key vehicle dynamics, and get actionable insights through easy-to-use dashboards and analytics capabilities to gain unparalleled visibility into your fleet utilization and driver performance. 

    Alternative Power Solutions

    Power and efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive features. At Yale, we continually develop alternative power solutions that offer you both. From our exclusive UL registered Lithium-Ion technology to our new hydrogen fuel cell technology.



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