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New Yale FBR13-18SZ

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October 10th, 2012

Small footprint

Large lift for faster warehouse work

Today’s efficiency challenge is to achieve modern logistics and costs in small or older warehouses with low roof height and narrow aisles.

Yale’s FBR Series 1.25 -1.8 tonne Electric Forklifts have achieved a turn width as little as an average human arm span!

Right angle turning widths are as low as 1630mm, yet the two stage and three stage units can reach up to 6 metres.

The Yale® FBR Series also offers a very wide range of options so standard models can be adapted to every warehouse need, from updating old locations to the newest purpose-designed sites.

It is suited to multi-level warehouse buildings offering extremely low vibration during operation and facilities such as automatic speed reduction while cornering and anti-roll-back mechanism for working on sloped or uneven floors.

Operators can work faster because of ergonomic cabin controls and high back and side shoulder support to reduce fatigue from frequent forward-reverse movements and direction changes.

Productivity is improved by automatic lock-up which disables the device each time the operator steps from the control position. The truck is always instantly operational yet entirely safe.

Better operator safety also comes from the very clear cabin display for low light situations and integrated visor to prevent glare and reflection in harsh light.

Fast user servicing speed, with fully removable parts and immediate battery access.

The Yale® FBR Series is manufactured in Japan. After market service is readily available throughout the region including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.