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Trust an Italian to improve the quality of food

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April 9th, 2013

Trust an Italian to improve the quality of food

As Re-animating dead frogs may seem a gruesome subject that is luckily far removed from modern food storage and preparation (except, perhaps, in frog-leg addicted French kitchens), however the work of Italian physician, physicist and philosopher Luigi Galvani in the late 18th century gave rise to the name of a process which is invaluable to the modern food industry.

MPE-F Product imageLuigi Galvani was fascinated with electricity, discovering that the muscles of dead frogs’ legs twitched when struck by a spark. His work was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity, a field that to this day studies the electrical patterns and signals of the nervous system and has led to wide-ranging medical breakthroughs.

So just how did the discoveries of this Italian gent, whose work inspired Mary Shelley’s monstrous Frankenstein, also give rise to safer food storage and preparation in warehouses and restaurants around the world?

Well, in honour of Galvani’s work, many electrical processes now bear his name. Galvanization, one of the best known, is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel by electrochemical means, or by submersion in molten zinc, to prevent rusting.

Thanks to the use of galvanized steel, equipment used in the storage, transport and preparation of food can be protected from rusting and made impervious to environmental damage in a multitude of environments ranging from the high heat and humidity of commercial kitchens through to the extreme cold of industrial grade freezers and other cooled areas.

Galvanized steel is also popular within the food industry because the unique metallurgical structure of the tough zinc coating is extremely durable and hard to scratch, giving galvanized equipment an outstanding resistance to the kind of damage common in busy commercial kitchens and high-traffic storage areas where it may experience impacts.

As market leaders in the manufacture of materials handling equipment for over 100 years, Yale® offers a range of cleverly designed forklifts and reach stackers which feature galvanized components that avoid oxidization and provide reliable, long-lasting and economical performance in cold storage operations.

Yale® equipment also offers smart features such as enclosed heated cabins and cold-proof electrical systems for superior comfort and reliability in cold environments, seamless construction that avoids contamination in food storage environments and dependable performance to ensure foods travel quickly and efficiently along the supply chain.

To explore the many benefits of the Yale® product range, contact your nearest dealer.