四轮 IC 充气轮胎叉车



UX 系列通过以价值为导向的包装提供可靠的性能,旨在使经营叉车变得简单、经济实惠和更加适应发展需要,所有这些都得到可信赖的 Yale 名字的支持。

  • 操作员舒适度
  • 稳定性和可视性
  • 易于检修
  • 稳定性、可视性

- 运输商和货运代理 - 仓库和第三方物流 - 轻工制造业 - 纸业和林业产品 - 健康与制药



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Comfortably more productive

Take the hydraulic control module with shorter reach and throw levers requiring less effort to operate. Or the exceptional user visibility for this class of truck afforded by the Yale Hi-Vis™ mast. In fact, wherever you look in the cabin, there’s a feature designed to add to the comfort of the operator, from the low step height to the fully adjustable suspension seat, from the interactive dash display to the rear drive handle with horn.

Cutting down downtime

Equipped with V-ECU the MX’s truck functions are continuously monitored and keeps the operator informed of service needs. There’s also state of the art on-board diagnostics on the advanced dash display to communicate error codes, enabling quick and accurate repairs.

Total truck reliability

Rugged durability is at the heart of the MX. Robust clutch packs, stronger gears and shafts, powertrain protection systems, enhanced monitoring – they all help to boost reliability, maximise uptime and keep your truck performing at its best. There’s also a cooling system creating airflow through optimised ducting and high volume tunnels, helping to dramatically increase component life and minimise the risk of overheating in heavy duty applications.


坚固的组件和简单的设计帮助 Yale UX 系列实现了您期望 Yale 品牌提供的可靠性和零件可用性。

  • 高效的过滤和冷却有助于提高可靠性并最大程度地减少磨损
  • 高强度三层板 OHG
  • 4,000 和 5,000 磅容量型号的可互换组件
  • 标准 PSI 火花点火式发动机经过专门设计,可在工业应用中可靠运行

*435 个字符

型号 承载能力 提升高度
GP15MX 1500千克 3000毫米
GP18MX 1750千克 3000毫米
GP20MX 2000千克 3000毫米
GP20MXS 2000千克 3000毫米
GP25MX 2500千克 3000毫米
GP30MX 3000千克 3000毫米
GP35MX 3500千克 3000毫米