MR14-16 Reach Truck Forklifts
MR14-16 Reach Truck rear service door open
MR14-16 Reach Truck Operator Console

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Reach Higher

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혁신, 기술, 인체공학적 설계를 통해 전달되는 차원이 다른 리치 트럭 생산성

  • 낮은 소유 비용
  • 튼튼한 설계
  • 손쉬운 작동
  • Practical Operator Compartment
  • 인체공학적 제어장치
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Performance and precision to new heights

Superior technology for reduced cycle times and precision

Responsive and precise performance

To move more loads per hour, fast cycle times are essential. That’s why we’ve increased the MR’s mast speed to 0.8 metres per second with masts lifting up to 9.5m.

But, power without control is not efficient. From adjustable speed reduction on cornering, auto regenerative braking and creep speed select, the MR series puts your operator in total control.

Focused thinking

For operators, constantly having to adjust their line of sight is time consuming, which is why the MR series models feature high visibility masts and overhead guards, which offer operator protection whilst offering excellent upward and all round visibility, without any compromise to its strength or security.

Comfortably better

The low, wide step, integrated grab handles and an adjustable steering column support easy access. A full suspension adjustable seat with integral lumbar support dramatically reduces whole body vibration; while wide spaced floor pedals provide increased leg room and a more comfortable operating position.

Made to perform

Integrated grab handle on the left hand on the overhead guard post and for the right hand underneath the arm rest.

AccuTouch mini-lever module:

  • Maximum hydraulic control operator familiarity
  • Additional function buttons integrated into the adjustable armrest
Build to last

Heavy-duty mast design delivers high residual capacities and stable load handling.

High visibility mast provides outstanding upward and all round visibility.

Touch screen display provides PIN access, height preselect, creep speed selection.

모델 모델 지정 하중 용량 하중 중심 리프트 높이 회전 반지름 AST (넓이 / 길이) 배터리 용량 전반적인 너비 무게
MRO16 RO1.6 1600kg 600mm 7500mm 1755.5mm 2882mm 48V / 620Ah(V/Ah) 1414mm 4080kg
MRO20 RO2.0 2000kg 600mm 7400mm 1802.5mm 2884mm 48V / 620Ah(V/Ah) 1414mm 4453kg

Yale Vision 텔레메트리

전체 플릿 가시성 및 제어

Yale Vision은 정보에 입각한 의사결정을 위해 실시간 플릿 모니터링을 제공합니다. 솔루션은 사용하기 쉬운 대시보드와 분석장치를 갖추고 있어 비용을 관리하고, 생산성을 최적화하며, 자산을 보호합니다.

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Yale Power Suite

비즈니스의 진정한 힘을 보여 주세요

Yale Power Suite는 다양한 브랜드로 구성된 업계 최대 범위의 동력원을 보유하고 있어 비즈니스를 최대로 성장시킬 최고의 솔루션을 이용하실 수 있습니다. Yale Power Suite 팀은 여러분의 용도를 검토하고 투자에 따른 최고의 수익을 창출할 동력원을 추천할 수 있는 지게차 동력원에 대한 깊이 있는 산업 지식을 갖고 있습니다.

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