ESC030-40AC 3 Wheel Stand-up Electric Forklift  


Forlift Designed for Precision Contol

The ESC030-040AC three wheel stand-up electric rider is versatile in performance and offers superb operator comfort and precision control.

With superior ergonomics and exceptional maneuverability, it is highly productive in the dock and drive-in/drive-through rack applications. The exclusive precision load positioning on incline capability allows operators to more precisely control the truck's position while working on an incline, such as on a dock or in a trailer. This all makes the ESC030-040AC excel in applications within retail distribution, food production, general warehousing, manufacturing and freight transportation.


  • When it comes to three wheel stand-up riders,you'll find Yale's AC Powered ESC-AC is versatile in performance and offers superb operator comfort.
  • Ergonomically advanced design, allows driver flexibility of an angled stance, back-hip-knee support, and a cooler workplace.
  • Dual AC motors in combination with (MOSFET) motor controller, reduces wearable components and improves performance.


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ModeloCapacidad de Carga (Kg)Maxima Velocidad de Recorrido (km/h)Maxima Velocidad de Levante (m/s)
ESC030AC136011,5 km/h0.35 m/s
ESC035AC158711,5 km/h0.34 m/s
ESC040AC181411,5 km/h0.32 m/s




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