Montacargas Electricos de 4 Ruedas

Agile, Ergonomic and Manoeuvrable Electric Counterbalanced


The Yale FB Series is packed full of sophisticated features.

Its AC motors with smart controllers provide ideal power and torque for infinite control of traction and hydraulic functions. Faster acceleration together with precise and rapid lifting and lowering of loads means greater productivity.

The steering wheel has been designed smaller and repositioned slightly for improved operator posture.

Servicing is made simple by hinged panels and removable floor plate which allows complete access to all vital components for easy inspection and replacement.

  • Drop down battery box design and steer axle swing control give the operator supreme confidence in the handling operation providing increased productivity
  • Sealed controllers and brushless motors provide water resistance in all weather conditions
  • Customisable performance settings and efficient systems help extend shift life and reduce battery change requirements (side battery extraction is available as special option)
  • Easy unrestricted service access with on-board diagnostics
  • Maintenance free AC motors and microprocessor based controller for improved reliability and up time
  • Strong chassis construction for durability and stability, boosting driver confidence
  • Best in class serviceability


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ModeloModel DesignationCapacidad de Carga (Kg)Radio de Giro (mm)Capacidad de Bateria (V / Ah)Ancho de Chasis (mm)Peso (Kg)Maxima Velocidad de Recorrido (km/h)Maxima Velocidad de Levante (m/s)Largo de Horquillas
FB15PYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks1500177548V / 390-525Ah1100294015560920
FB15PGYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks1500197548V / 565-700Ah1265419515550920
FB18PYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks1750180548V / 390-525Ah1130313515560920
FB18PGYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks1750197548V / 565-700Ah1265419515550920
FB20PYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks2000197548V / 440-700Ah1265366015550920
FB20PGYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks2000210048V / 725-990Ah1265442515550920
FB25PYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks2500202048V / 565-700Ah12654220155501070
FB25PGYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks2500210048V / 725-990Ah12654435155501070
FB30PYE4 Wheel Electric Trucks3000214572V / 465-600Ah12654730185501070


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