• Berger Recycling

    Scrap metal and waste paper recycling application

    Founded in 1912, Berger Recycling provides turnkey systems for the collection and purchase of recyclable materials in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Based in Pawtucket, R.I., Berger Recycling specializes in scrap metal, waste paper, electronics, plastic, insulated wire, batteries, textiles and new paper rolls.

    Frustrated with repetitive bouts of equipment failure, Berger Recycling reached out to M&G Materials Handling Company for assistance. After assessing their facility’s environment and lift truck needs, M&G Materials Handling Company upgraded Berger Recycling’s lift truck fleet with Yale Veracitor® GP060VX lift trucks.



    As a scrap metal and waste paper facility, Berger Recycling suffered from two materials handling issues that resulted in extended periods of downtime. The first problem was that the dust created by waste paper interfered with their lift trucks’ transmissions.

    The second issue was brake contamination. Berger Recycling’s scrap, corrugated and paper products are strapped together with baling wire. The baling wire can slip off of the product, and if left on the ground, can become wrapped around lift truck axles and shear brake lines.



    After meeting with Berger Recycling and assessing their lift truck needs, M&G Materials Handling Company paired the company with 6,000-lb. capacity Yale Veracitor® GP060VX lift trucks.

    The lift truck’s sealed alternator eliminated dirt contamination that could cause damage while its heavy duty Combi-Cooler radiator prevented corrugated dust from entering the lift truck’s air system.

    The vented hood on the GP060VX created less of a vacuum pull off the undercarriage, resulting in less paper and scrap contaminant draw and increased amounts of clean air brought into the engine. The Veracitor was also equipped with a high-air intake and pre-cleaner to reduce pulling in dirty or contaminated air. This feature helps extend engine and filter life while increasing fuel economy.



    Throughout their six-year partnership with M&G Materials Handling Company, Berger Recycling’s operating costs have been substantially reduced.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    The sealed bearings and wet disc brakes on the Veracitor eliminated our issue of baling wire damaging or shearing the braking system. I am also proud to say that our Veracitor has never overheated. The Veracitor’s features are absolutely imperative to keeping our business up and running – and the fact that they come standard help our bottom line.
    Adam Sinel - VP of OperationsBerger Recycling