Yale Power Suite

Unlock the True Power of Your Operation

Yale Power Suite has the industry’s widest range of power sources from a variety of brands, so you get the best solution available to maximize your operations. Our team has deep industry knowledge about forklift power sources to evaluate your application and recommend the power source that gives you the best return on your investment.

Which power source is right for you?

Each available power source has its own benefits in different applications. There are several factors to consider when choosing a forklift power source: 

  1. Total operating time            
  2. Maintenance costs
  3. Operating temperatures
  4. Available space
  5. Operator involvement
  6. Electric grid dependence
  7. Harmful emissions

Use the Yale Power Suite Selection Guide to see what power source may be the best for you.

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Talk to a motive power expert

Yale Power Suite experts use a prescriptive approach to motive power. A Power Study involves evaluating your application through data collection and analysis before recommending the power source that best meets your needs. 

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