Innovative operator assistance tech

Warehouse safety and forklift best practices can be supported by Yale Reliant

With over 14 million hours of run time, Yale Reliant™ is a proven, award-winning technology suite designed to reinforce lift truck operating best practices and support operator awareness. It limits equipment performance in challenging situations, while keeping the operator in control of the lift truck.

Forklift accident prevention is a priority

Staffing warehouses is already a massive strain. Don’t let the labor crisis become a safety crisis. These realities threaten productivity, yet you’re still expected to get orders out the door on time, every time. Full automation is years away from solving all the warehouse labor challenges, but certain technology can do more than just alert operators of potential hazards. You need a system that automatically intervenes to help operators avoid them.


The annual warehouse employee turnover, a churn that intensifies your dependence on inexperienced operators.


The number of forklift safety accidents that happen each year, a risk that you need to contend with.


The annual cost of work-related injuries, an expense that translates to about $42,000 per event.


Pedestrian stopped at stop sign in warehouse with forklift oncoming

Turn near-misses into adherence to best practices

Stop forklift safety incidents in their tracks

Lift truck accidents and close calls like these all too familiar? 

  • A pedestrian unexpectedly walks in front of a lift truck 
  • An operator travels too quickly through crowded areas or around turns  
  • A load slides off the forks and damages product  
  • A truck hits racking or other equipment

They might be today, but they don’t have to be tomorrow. Yale Reliant is designed to support operator awareness and intervene as needed, proactively adjusting truck performance based on real-time conditions. 

See the impact on your operation

Operator assist tech is a proven step you can take today

Yale Reliant keeps the operator in ultimate control of the lift truck, but automatically applies interventions in response to compromised stability, when obstacles are detected in the path of travel or in close proximity, and even based on rules you specify for certain areas of your warehouse.

Adjustments, such as a reduction to travel speed or a smoothing of fork lift or tilt movement, are carefully measured to avoid abrupt shifts or jerks that can upset stability. The changes are still noticeable enough for operators to feel, but the system also communicates the cause through a display screen, providing an additional layer of feedback to help reinforce proper operation established during training.  


Yale models available with Yale Reliant forklift operator assist technology


lift trucks already commercially deployed with the technology


hours of real-world run time accumulated since launch in 2021

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