Safety support you can see and hear

Forklift lights and alarms to help improve awareness

Working in and around lift trucks requires great care. Keep operators and pedestrians alert to potential dangers with awareness solutions

Forklift awareness solutions

Safety is paramount when working with or in the presence of materials handling equipment. Certain lift truck options may help you to increase awareness and minimize risk, depending on your facility layout, lighting and other factors.

 Close-up of forklift safety lights

Support safety for those on foot

Forklift lights to aid pedestrian awareness

Are you using the most appropriate tools to aid pedestrian safety in your warehouse? Optimize pedestrian visibility of approaching lift trucks with light options like blue LED spotlights, strobe lights and red zone lights.

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Forklift operator drives forklift down an aisle with work lights on

Illuminate the workspace

Forklift lights for operator awareness

Do low light areas challenge your operation? The right truck-mounted light options can help enhance operator visibility and productivity, and subsequently help minimize associated truck, product and facility damage. Give your operators a clear eye on the tasks at hand with work lights, dome and compartment lights or work lights or lamps.

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Forklift operator in truck compartment, turning to see behind him

Hear potential hazards coming

Forklift proximity sensor and backup alarm

Does your busy operation struggle with lift truck operators working in proximity to one another and to pedestrians? Provide warning to nearby equipment operators and pedestrians when they are close to a truck in motion. Help enhance truck proximity awareness with backup alarms or motion-based alarms.

Learn about alarms

OSHA does not require the use of visible or audible alarms on lift trucks, but they may be helpful in certain operating conditions. Please note that in some situations, visible or audible alarms may be a distraction, and habituation can lessen their effectiveness. Also, the effectiveness of visible alarms is significantly or even entirely reduced in outdoor daylight conditions. Consider performing a site evaluation to determine if visible or audible alarms would be helpful at your facility.