Pneumatic tire forklift |  Configurable IC lift truck | Yale GP40-70N
Configurable IC pneumatic forklift front-side | Yale GP40-70N
Sit down forklift | IC pneumatic tire | GP04-70N seat | Yale
GP04-70N operator compartment
Pneumatic tire forklift | Configurable ICE lift truck | Yale GP04-70N
Configurable ICE pneumatic tire lift truck | Yale GP04-70N application 2
Essential IC pneumatic tire forklift  | Yale GP04-70N application 3

Configurable to your operation

IC pneumatic tire forklift


Your operation can’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to material handling equipment. The highly configurable Yale® Series N allows you to build a lift truck specifically for your operators, your application and your business. Available in a 4,000–7,000 lb. capacity range, the Series N can be easily customized to match your unique requirements—raising the bar for what you expect from a IC pneumatic tire forklift.

  • Operator-centric design
  • Enhanced all-around visibility
  • Safety features that boost productivity
  • Proven dependability and low cost of operation
Industry Sectors

- Warehouse & 3PL
- Home Centers
- Retail & E-Commerce (DC/fulfillment)

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The highly configurable, Yale® Series N

Set your own standard. Then lift it.

Operator-centric design

An ergonomic compartment strategically engineered around comfort and convenience, the Yale® Series N was designed to make it easy for operators to get in and out of the forklift, stay comfortable and sustain less stress while seated and operating the truck.

  • Convenient entry and exit – A large, strategically located step, large grab handle, contoured hood and flip up armrests help make it easy for the operator to get in and out of the truck.

  • Spacious operator compartment – Greater head clearance and ample foot space offer the operator an opportunity to find a comfortable position and stretch their legs.

  • Adjustments made easy – An adjustable steer column, a foot activated, hand-released park brake and up to 25% more fore & aft seat adjustability than the leading competitor, 1 help minimize operator lean and strain on the back when in the seated position.

Enhanced visibility

More inventory and tighter spaces mean greater challenges moving goods, but operations can’t allow productivity to slide. The Series N combines enhanced all-around visibility with innovative technology to help support operator awareness, confidence and efficiency.

  • Excellent through mast visibility – A low dash and wide mast combined with strategically routed chains and hoses help enhance visibility of the fork tips and load when picking, placing or traveling forward.
  • Unobstructed upward view – A thick, laminated clear glass roof option provides an unobstructed upward view to support precision and productivity while picking and placing loads at height.
  • Innovative technology – A fork laser level option allows the operator to quickly and easily see where the fork tips will enter a pallet load helping reduce product and facility damage.
Safety and productivity

Maintaining a strict focus on lift truck best practices can be a challenge, but with so much riding on lift truck operator performance, building and supporting safe, effective habits through proper, comprehensive training is critical. The Series N goes a step further, with smart features and technology that offers alerts and automated assistance to operators in real time.

  • Dynamic Stability System (DSS) - An innovative, maintenance-free system, standard on all Series N trucks that promotes operating best practices by implementing truck performance limitations to help minimize forward and sideways tip-overs. 2
  • Operator Assistance Systems (OAS) - A suite of options designed to support the behavior and awareness of both operators and pedestrians to promote safe practices and help prevent facility and product damage.2
Dependability and TCO

Harsh duty cycles and challenging environments can threaten uptime, and you need equipment proven to stand up and deliver, shift after shift. The Series N helps protect your bottom line with features engineered to minimize unplanned downtime, simplify service and lower fuel costs.

  • Dependable high-performance technology - Engineered with field proven features such as an aluminum transmission, robust steer axle with tapered king pin roller bearings and O-ring face seal hydraulic connections for long term reliability and low maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty industrial engine - EPA certified Yanmar engine featuring gear-driven timing along with extended maintenance intervals help reduce the amount of maintenance needed and technician labor required per truck.
  • Low cost of operation - Proven reliability and durable components such as on-demand cooling with reversing fan, on-demand hydraulic system and oil-cooled wet disc brakes help minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

1 Compared to Toyota 8 Series 8FGU25 model. Competitive comparison data validated through internal testing. 2 While lift truck systems support safe operation and help minimize the potential for tip overs, proper operation of the lift truck and 100% full-time utilization of the truck’s seat belt are the primary and best means of keeping the truck and operator upright and safe. Refer to the operator and service manuals for proper operation and maintenance.

Model Load Capacity Load Center Lift Height Turning Radius Overall Width Weight Engine Type Transmission
GP40N 4000lbs 24in 200 86.3 45.7 / 50.4 7600 Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch
GP50N 5000lbs 24in 200 89.1 45.7 / 50.4 8430 Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch
GP60N 6000lbs 24in 200 93.5 46.7 / 53.3 9890 Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch
GP70N 7000lbs 24in 200 96.4 46.7 / 53.3 10680 Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch

Reverse_GSA Advantage_only_2020.jpg

The GSA creates a centralized location for the federal government, offering products, services, and facilities needed for federal agencies to serve the public. As a GSA certified company, Yale supports the GSA’s mission to provide innovative solutions for federal agencies with cost-effective and high-quality products. You can also find more information on the General Services Administration at

Support throughout the lift truck life cycle

Knowledgeable, reliable dealers make all the difference

When it comes to collaborating with a lift truck dealer, you can’t settle – you need dealers wholly focused on your success. When you purchase equipment or technology solutions from Yale Lift Truck Technologies, you gain access to our independent dealer network. “Independent” means our dealers are not constrained by factory ownership or corporate red tape.

Our dealers are entirely focused on fulfilling your needs

  • A seamless experience, from order to factory to ongoing support
  • Effective recommendations and responsive support, from parts, maintenance and
    emergency services to fleet management, rental trucks and operator training.
  • Expertise and guidance on special features and allied products and services for your
    warehouse, like racking, guarding and safety equipment.
  • Assistance with financing options.

Yale Vision telemetry

Complete fleet visibility and control

Yale Vision provides real-time fleet monitoring for more informed decisions. The solution offers easy-to-use dashboards and analytics to manage cost, optimise productivity and protect assets.

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