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Warehouse technology & solutions

Standard won’t cut it anymore. It’s time for a warehouse engineered to exceed operational goals and reduce costs.

Advanced technologies

Your warehouse needs more. Get the latest in proven, connected lift truck technology to move your warehouse forward, faster.

Yale Reliant™

Lack of operator and pedestrian awareness, compounded by frequent employee turnover can compromise operational safety. Help increase situational awareness with Yale Reliant, an operator assist system that reinforces best practices by providing alerts and automatically adjusting lift truck performance based on real-time conditions.

Intuitive, smart technology:
  • Object detection
  • Proximity detection
  • Real-time location sensing
  • Advanced dynamic stability
Yale Vision

Efficiency, operator performance and reduced costs shouldn’t be a guessing game. Get the critical insights you need to optimize your operation with Yale Vision.

24/7 visibility and control:
  • Utilization metrics
  • OSHA pre-shift checklist
  • Restricted truck access
  • Operator training tracking
  • Impact detection, lockouts and alerts
  • Industry-first mobile app

Warehouse robotics and automation

Automation is an essential component to optimizing workflows, filling labor gaps and achieving a “lights-out” operation, if that’s your goal. Yale Robotics offer the cutting-edge technology you need to achieve modern-day efficiency.

  • Help reduce operating costs up to 70%
  • Streamline operations
  • Fill labor gaps
  • Better utilize valuable workers
  • Minimize avoidable damages
  • ~2 years ROI for two-shift operation

Built for todays’ warehouse

Warehouse forklifts

This isn’t yesterday’s warehouse, so don’t settle for yesterday’s lift trucks. To compete, your warehouse needs the most up-to-date lift truck advantages that others just can’t match.

Industry-exclusive features

Increase picking efficiency and cycle times with options you can’t get anywhere else.

Adjustable controls and components

Equip operators with a personalized and comfortable experience, with intuitive controls for simple operation.

Pedal-free floor systems

Reduce operator foot and leg fatigue, while improving lower body circulation and stance flexibility.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Realize extended maintenance intervals, simple service access and fewer maintenance steps for a low TCO.

High-tech performance

Leading warehouse models

Raise your expectations of what a modern lift truck is

Optimize and save

Fleet management

Managing a fleet doesn’t have to be complex or costly. Get the insights you need to streamline maintenance, reduce downtime and minimize costs with Yale® Fleet Management.

The fleet advantage:
• Visibility to fleet size, age and costs
• Identify high maintenance spend units
• Modify PM’s to match individual truck usage
• Recognize trends and potential future issues
• Reduce avoidable damage and expenses
• Access to prompt, certified service technicians

Realize the benefits

The power to excel

Yale Power Suite

From traditional to advanced lithium-ion and hydrogen fuel cell power solutions, Yale offers the industry’s widest range of power options across our full range of lift trucks. No matter your operational needs, Yale has the right power to help you excel.  

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Space optimization

Whether you need to increase utilization of your existing footprint or build a new facility, our academy-certified warehouse specialists can help you:

• Optimize square footage and storage
• Configure racking, aisle widths and travel paths
• Define optimum picking and slotting strategies
• Enhance fleet composition and utilization
• Decrease total cost of operations
• Accommodate future growth and goals






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