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Labor, safety, productivity - the warehouse is full of challenges, but you can thrive. Lean on the power of advanced technology, award-winning lift trucks, forklifts, and dedicated service to unlock your full potential.

Safety and awareness technologies

More than 7,300 forklift injuries occur annually, according to the National Safety Council¹. Challenge your lift trucks to do more to help your operators stay safe and productive.

Yale Reliant™ operator assistance

Lack of operator and pedestrian awareness, compounded by frequent employee turnover can compromise operational safety. Help increase situational awareness with Yale Reliant, an innovative operator assist system that reinforces best practices by providing alerts and automatically adjusting lift truck performance based on real-time conditions.

  • Automatically slow down lift trucks as they approach the end of an aisle, an intersection, another piece of equipment or obstacle
  • Limit speed in designated zones or even prevent access to pedestrian-only areas
  • Proactively reduce speed when traveling around corners to avoid upsetting stability
  • Prevent trucks from moving loads that exceed weight threshold through hydraulic lock-out
Forklift operator drives a reach truck with a full pallet-load
Yale robotic lift trucks

Robotic lift trucks are an essential tool for optimizing workflows and filling labor gaps, but pilots and prototypes won’t do. You need proven technology to achieve modern-day efficiency.

  • Help reduce operating costs up to 70%
  • Make more effective use of labor
  • Minimize avoidable damages
  • Achieve ROI in ~2 years for most two-shift operations
Robotic reach truck places a package onto a warehouse rack
Yale Vision telemetry

Efficiency, operator performance and reduced costs shouldn’t be a guessing game. Get the critical insights you need to optimize your operation with Yale Vision.

  • Utilization metrics
  • OSHA pre-shift checklist
  • Restricted truck access
  • Operator training tracking
  • Impact detection, lockouts and alerts
  • Industry-first mobile app

A finger taps a button on the Yale Vision telemetry interface

Dynamic Stability System

Get an extra layer of support for your lift truck operators. When the Yale® Dynamic Stability System detects the lift truck exceeding designated stability thresholds, it alerts the operator and automatically intervenes with measures to support stable travel:

  • Reduces truck speed when turning, helping to improve lateral stability
  • Limits truck speed when the carriage is raised above the height threshold
  • Limits tilt speed and forward tilt range when the carriage is raised above the height threshold while carrying a load
  • Dynamically limits truck speed when driving around corners, based on how tightly the truck is turning

The Yale Series N truck with partial visibility into internal components that are noted with blue glowing dot

Award-winning lift trucks

Industry-leading warehouse forklift models

Customer success is our North Star. Your demands and challenges guide our forklift designs, optimizing them for the modern warehouse environment.

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