About us

Leader in lift truck and forklift innovations for warehouse operations

From a robust lineup of models to technology solutions, we help unlock the full potential of your materials handling operation.

Yale designs lift trucks to help you solve your challenges

Effective materials handling solutions go beyond simply moving product from point to point. At Yale, we are laser-focused on engineering equipment that helps answer your toughest labor, safety and productivity concerns.


Consult customers

As part of our blueprinting process, we spend hours interviewing and observing lift truck operators and customers to enrich our understanding of how you use the truck and the realities of your applications.


Develop products

Yale engineers work with our industry-focused teams and outside experts to translate operator, customer and industry or application-specific needs to functional features and design.


Test rigorously

New technologies are tested and refined based on customer feedback, then commercial-ready solutions are brought to market, fast so they can get to work helping your operation.

Yale Lift Truck Technologies is global, and local

 Yale lift trucks being assembled in a manufacturing facility

Global footprint

Our global presence and flexible sourcing approach give us the ability to innovate and manufacture to the highest standard of quality, quickly and consistently.

  • Uninhibited sourcing: While some manufacturers invest in and are beholden to their own means of production, we maintain manufacturing flexibility, sourcing from best-in-class suppliers around the world to bring key competitive advances to market quickly and at a competitive value.
  • Scale and reach: Our equipment is designed, produced and marketed in 19 facilities worldwide, with globally aligned processes to improve effectiveness and share best practices.
Two Yale warehouse workers with hard hats on walking down an aisle, with one holding a clipboard

Local dealers

We have dealers located all over our footprint. Our extensive regional presence gives us the agility to respond quickly and provide a stronger, personal understanding of customer operations.

  • Single-source supplier: We help coordinate materials handling purchases and services for large accounts that cross states, regions and countries.
  • Robust, independent dealer network: Our independent dealers are more than 100 strong across North America, and they aren’t propped up by corporate ownership or restrained by red tape. They’re empowered to serve you and their success depends on yours.

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The independent Yale dealer network is wholly focused on looking after your needs.

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