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Lead-Acid batteries for forklifts

With today’s supply chains under such intense pressure to control costs and preserve margins, operations need proven, reliable technology to power their lift truck fleet, without breaking the bank. Add increasingly strict regulations for greenhouse gas emissions, corporate sustainability initiatives and indoor air quality requirements to the mix, and lead-acid batteries are a sensible electrification choice.

Why Lead-Acid batteries for lift trucks?

Yale® offers a wide range of lead acid battery-powered lift trucks with proven, reliable performance, from walkie pallet trucks all the way to sit-down counterbalanced models designed for 12,000-pound loads.

  • No emissions while in operation:Greatly reduce emissions and meet standards for air quality and help meet sustainability goals
  • Lower up-front cost:Reap the benefits of a mature technology with reduced startup cost compared to other motive power options
  • Reduced skilled mechanical maintenance requirements:Electric lift trucks have fewer moving mechanical parts and fluids than internal combustion engines, thus reducing the burden on a limited skilled technical labor pool
  • Mild burden on electrical grid:Charge lead-acid batteries on staggered schedules, during non-peak times or via a high-frequency charger to reduce strain on electrical grids, ideal for higher-priced areas or older infrastructure
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