Power Sources

Hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts

Hydrogen fuel cells perform like internal combustion engines but with maintenance-friendly attributes of electric options

Why hydrogen fuel cells for forklifts?

More inventory but less space. A shrinking labor force but more aggressive throughput requirements. Your operation is always on and needs to move at a faster pace on a tighter schedule more than ever. You need a power source that can keep up. 

With Yale® lift trucks powered by Nuvera® hydrogen fuel cells, you get the simplicity and sustained performance of internal combustion engines with the environmentally sound, maintenance-friendly attributes of electric options.

Enhance efficiency

  • Refuel as quickly as 3 minutes, eliminating battery charging downtime
  • Achieve consistent power delivery

Minimize operational costs

  • Streamline fleet with a single fuel cell per lift truck
  • Eliminate battery charging, handling, storage and recycling costs

Reclaim indoor space

  • Locate compact fueling stations outdoors
  • Utilize reclaimed space for revenue-generating operations

Reach green targets

  • Generate zero harmful emissions, with only heat and water as byproducts
  • Comply with tight emissions regulations or strict standards for ultra-clean applications

Hydrogen Fuel (Delivered Gas)

Gain the productivity of fuel cells with no investment in fueling equipment.

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Hydrogen Fuel (Delivered Liquid)

Gain fuel flexibility for your fleet with a variety of delivery plans for liquid hydrogen.

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Hydrogen Fuel (On-site Generation)

Help gain independence from outside providers and control your own fuel supply.

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