Manual pallet jack | Yale | YA55-PT
Manual pallet truck | Yale | YA55-PT
Sturdy and easy to use hand jack | YA55-PT | Yale
Manual pallet truck | YA55-PT

Durable and easy-to-use for basic pallet handling tasks

Manual pallet jack


Our manually operated hand pallet trucks deliver exceptional durability, functionality and serviceability at competitive value.

  • Durable design
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of options
Industry Sectors

Suitable for unusual applications when standard equipment will interfere with operation flow. Customization available for forks (length and width), lowered forks, diversified capacities, load backrests, skid adaptors, etc.

- Distribution centers
- Warehouse operations
- Internal use over short distances
- Loading and unloading pallets

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Move loads with minimal operator experience and exertion

Sturdy and easy to use hand jack

Durable design

You need a hand pallet jack that can handle the rigors of your operation, day in and day out.

That’s why we've designed the YA55-PT with industrial strength steel and a reinforced buckhead base, along with:

  • Heavy duty 1.25-inch thick steel adjustable push rods
  • 2.1-inch thick steel C-channel
  • 8-inch long reinforcement bars
  • 9-inch handle base support prevents bending
Easy to use

The YA55-PT manual pallet jack features an ergonomic, user-friendly design that helps reduce operator fatigue and downtime.

  • Cushioned handle with rubber grip for operator comfort
  • Maximum lift available with 10 full strokes
  • Hand and foot release for quick, convenient lowering
  • Articulating axle keeps load stable and offers superior maneuverability
  • Entry and exit helper rollers prevent "pushing" and "pulling" pallets
  • Standard polyurethane wheels and rollers for easy rolling
Variety of options

The YA55-PT manual pallet jack is available in many different configurations to suit virtually any application.

  • Weigh scale — Allows the operator to easily lift, transport, and weigh loads with 99.9% accuracy, with easy-to-read meter, large LCD display, keypad and automatic tare functions
  • Galvanized stainless steel — Designed for corrosion resistance, chemical exposure and cold temperatures
  • Low profile — Handles unconventional loads that are too low for standard pallet trucks
  • Quick-lift pump — Features standard pumping operation for lifting and lowering loads and self-propelled movement for easy transportation of goods

Further customization is available for fork lowering, length and width, diversified capacities, load backrests, skid adaptors and more.

Model Load Capacity Lift Height AST Battery Capacity Voltage Weight
YA55-PT 5500lbs 7.9 68.8 - 180

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    warehouse, like racking, guarding and safety equipment.
  • Assistance with financing options.

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