Electric Forklifts

Yale® 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric forklifts powered by lead acid or thin plate pure lead batteries deliver productivity in loading and unloading, dock-to-stock, staging and replenishment

Yale offers a lineup of counterbalance electric forklifts for sale or lease, including four-wheel models and sit-down or stand-up three-wheel models. Electric forklifts may emit fumes during charging that require ventilation, depending on the battery type, but do not produce emissions in operation. These forklifts are versatile pieces of material handling equipment used for lifting and stacking loads in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications across a wide range of industries and can be equipped with different attachments for unique handling requirements. From compact, highly maneuverable three-wheel models for small spaces to trucks for heavy-duty tasks, Yale electric forklifts are engineered for efficiency and durability.

The lineup ranges in capacity from 1,600 to 12,000 pounds and includes options for lead acid, thin plate pure lead or lithium-ion batteries and cushion or pneumatic tires.

Yale Power Suite

Unlock the True Power of Your Operation

Yale Power Suite has the industry’s widest range of power sources from a variety of brands, so you get the best solution available to maximize your operations. Our team has deep industry knowledge about forklift power sources to evaluate your application and recommend the power source that gives you the best return on your investment.

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Yale Robotics

Transform into an Efficiency Machine

Yale Robotics can pick up, transport, drop off pallets, and move carts to help you reduce labor costs and optimize workflow.

Robotic Solutions

Find the right lift truck to suit your application

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