Forklift operator training


OSHA compliant forklift operator training program

Your local Yale® dealer can provide complete and professional forklift operator training instruction with the  Handle With Care® program. Unlike third party training organizations that know very little about lift trucks, Yale has been committed to developing and delivering professional lift truck operator training for almost 40 years.

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I’m not sure if my lift truck operator training program is compliant

Your local Yale® dealer can help assess your current program, looking for ways to work with you to use the tools and materials you have in place and bring in complete and professional operator training instruction to help meet compliance requirements.

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I’m looking for a forklift operator training program without risking injury or damage

Virtual reality and simulators can add increased efficiency and operator development to your program. Yale Forklift Simulator™ uses an Oculus VR headset and a motion platform to provide a realistic, immersive and physical experience, taking virtual training to the next best thing to actually being on the truck.

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OSHA compliant forklift certification program

OSHA Operator Training

Yale offers Operator Training to help customers comply with several topics found in OSHA formal instruction requirements. It’s important to note this is one element of a multi-part OSHA training process:

Full OSHA forklift certification requires Formal Instruction, Practical Training, and Operator Evaluation. Satisfy portions of the first step with formal instruction. Informal instruction includes activities such as specific truck-related topics, specific workplace-related topics and more.  Your Yale dealer can help you close the gap and deliver fully compliant Operator Training programs specific to your trucks.

Yale Handle With Care®, available in both English- and Spanish-language versions, is a comprehensive, DVD-based program that covers all five lift truck product classes and includes tools needed to provide customized training to your operators. This program also includes two posters to display at your facility: Forklift Safety Tips and Pedestrian Safety Tips.

Contact your local Yale® dealer and learn more about how operator training can help you:

  • Reduce lift truck downtime
  • Improve driver efficiency
  • Minimize product damage and accidents
  • Improve the company's bottom line
  • Limit lost-time injuries
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