Counterbalanced Stackers

Versatile pedestrian controlled counterbalanced stacker


Ideal for stacking of goods in low to medium height racking is limited to a few hours per day.

  • Ergonomic tiller head
  • Multifunction display
  • Robust and durable
  • Operator platform
  • Energy efficiency
Industry Sectors

- Retail
- Logistics
- Food
- Beverage

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Ideal for stacking of goods in low to medium height racking is limited to a few hours per day.

The MC series with its high mounted reversible tiller arm can be operated from the rear of the truck or from the large operator platform for ride-on operation. Used for applications where stackers with support arms cannot operate e.g. lifting closed pallets (with bottom boards) directly from the floor

Ergonomic tiller head
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Multifunction display

The multi functional dash-board display provides information on the status of the truck and alarm conditions should they occur. Operator information includes the battery discharge indicator a d odometer. The red mushroom shaped button can be activated to stop the truck immediately in case of emergency.

Robust and durable

The steel welded chassis comes in three lengths and the 939mm maximum width of the truck makes it ideal for handling in tight spaces. A range of masts are available to suit different applications including two stage LFL and three stage FFL configuration as standard.

Operator platform

The large operator platform allows the operator to determine the most comfortable driving position during long shifts and travel distances. The cushioned platform comes with an operator presence switch that prevents the truck from operating without the operator being on-board. 

Energy efficiency

The 4kW AC motor provides instant response to forward and reverse traction. Whilst the maintenance free motor only requires an inspection every 1000 hours and provides low operational costs. The 3kW DC lift motor provides power to match the trucks application. Electronic performance parameters can be matched to the application by a service engineer. 

Model Load Capacity Lift Height AST Battery Capacity Voltage Weight
MC10 (pedestrian) 1000lbs 5076 3111 / 3227 24V / 300Ah 2180
MC10 (robot) 1000lbs 4176 4225 / 4211 24V / 400Ah 2180
MC12 (pedestrian) 1200lbs 5076 3258 / 3374 24V / 400Ah 2280
MC12 (robot) 1200lbs 4176 4362 / 4350 24V / 400Ah 2280
MC15 (robot) 1500lbs 4176 4503 / 4491 24V / 400Ah 2505
MC15 (pedestrian) 1500lbs 5076 3406 / 3522 24V / 400Ah 2360