Platform High Lift Stacker

The manoeuvrability of a stacker with the travel speed of a ride-on


Dual purpose warehouse machines with folding platform for pedestrian and rider operation

  • Ride-on or pedestrian operation
  • Initial lift
  • Ergonomic tiller head
  • Powered assisted steering
  • Adjustable pull rods
Industry Sectors

- Food Distribution and Processing
- Warehouse & 3PL
- Wholesale Distribution
- Home Centers
- Retail & E-Commerce (DC/fulfillment)
- Retail Store Operations
- Furniture & Furnishings
- Auto Parts Distribution
- Health & Pharma

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The MS12-20X series of platform trucks offer excellent operator ergonomics and productivity. With high visibility masts, dual lift and lower controls, low effort power steering and speed reduction on cornering.

The MS12-20X IL platform stacker is ideal for double pallet handling and suitable for operation in short or long distance transfer applications and on ramps or gradients.

Ride-on or pedestrian operation

The large operator platform allows the operator to find their ideal driving position for maximum application flexibility. Foldable side arms are relative to the level of the platform providing the operator with maximum comfort and stability.

Initial lift

The initial lift increases the distance from the ground, allowing transfer on irregular surfaces, loading levels and ramps. Speed is automatically reduced with forks raised.

Ergonomic tiller head 

The tiller head and handle features an ergonomic shaped handle and integral hand guard. Large, low-effort, butterfly buttons control direction of travel, speed and the electromagnetic brake - all without the operator’s hand moving from the handle. Left hand buttons operate slow speeds for fine positioning, right hand buttons control proportional lifting and lowering, the horn is on top.

Powered assisted steering

The electric motor completely eliminates steering effort, making the truck light and easy to steer in all working applications.

Adjustable pull rods

The adjust able pull rods give uniform lifting and lowering movement of the forks. The loading rollers are tandem with lubrication points and sealed bearings. The speed of the truck is automatically reduced when the load arms are raised.

MS16X IL (stand-on)
MS12X (stand-on)
MS14X IL (pedestrian)
MS14X (stand-on)
MS12X IL (pedestrian)
MS20X (stand-on)
MS16X SL (pedestrian)
MS12X (pedestrian)
MS12X IL (stand-on)
MS14X IL (stand-on)
MS16X IL (pedestrian)
MS14X (pedestrian)
MS16X (pedestrian)
MS16X (stand-on)
MS20X (pedestrian)
MS16X SL (stand-on)