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Legal Sea Foods

Food Processing

Cambridge, Mass.


Food processing is no stress-free job for your lift trucks. They are exposed to harsh environments, increasing the likelihood for downtime and possibly a shorter useful life.

Check out how one of our customers, who runs their trucks 365 days a year in a cold and wet environment, now has little to no downtime, and is getting up to two additional years out of their trucks – all after switching to Yale.

Legal Sea Foods was founded in 1950 in Cambridge, Mass.

Always a family-owned business, the company started out as a restaurant where locals would come to get a good fish and chips dinner. Today, Legal Sea Foods is one of the premier seafood restaurants in the country with 32 restaurants spanning from Massachusetts to Florida.


The Legal Sea Foods plant remains very cold and damp all year long, which means their lift trucks are exposed to an extremely harsh environment seven days a week, 364 days a year, running eight hours a day. If their trucks are not maintained properly, productivity decreases dramatically.

Before partnering with their Yale® dealer, NITCO, Legal Sea Foods suffered from irregular lift truck performance and maintenance and therefore lost precious time while their trucks were being repaired.


Legal Sea Foods met with NITCO and worked out a preventative maintenance program that allowed for weekly service check-ups to ensure that every lift truck was ready for use at any given time. A NITCO technician comes to the plant once a week to perform preventative maintenance that keeps each Yale® lift truck running when they need it.

“My guys don’t have to run around trying to find a jack in operation,” said Fernando Rodriques, assistant director QCC operations. “All my lift trucks are always in operation and well maintained. I never even have to call NITCO to schedule service. They come once a week to do preventative maintenance, so we have very little downtime now.”


Since Legal Sea Foods has implemented the preventative maintenance program, the company has saved time, money and has increased overall efficiency. The Yale lift trucks at Legal Sea Foods are constantly running with little to no downtime. Yale’s proven durability and serviceability, combined with the high-quality service and preventative maintenance plan from its dealer team, allow Legal Sea Foods to continue serving their customers with efficiency and speed.

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