E-Commerce & Retail Fulfillment

Store and move more, faster

Online sales are expected to grow about 30% over the next 4 years. Is your operation equipped to manage the surge?


Transform your greatest challenges into opportunities

E-commerce and consumer preferences have reshaped the retail landscape. To stay relevant, you must adjust or face extinction.

SKU proliferation

Customers continue to demand new options, resulting in serious SKU challenges.

Take charge of the invasion

  • Use variable height picking processes to increase SKU capacity
  • Place slower-moving SKUs above faster-moving ones for efficient access to frequently picked items
  • Add case flow lanes to pick lines to accommodate more SKUs
Beat the SKU influx

Space constraints

Escalating SKU counts are forcing the need for more space, a costly capital expense.

Optimize your footprint

  • Go vertical, and take advantage of unused cubic space
  • Use narrow aisles to achieve greater overall space utilization
  • Deploy advanced inventory management systems to increase capacity of existing space
Maximize capacity

Fulfillment expectations

Same-day delivery is becoming an expectation. To beat the competition and keep costs down, speed and agility are imperative. 

Enhance operator productivity, meet demands

  • Use advanced technologies and processes to put away and retrieve pallets faster
  • Increase picking rates with solutions engineered for high throughput applications  
Decrease cycle times Build orders faster

Reverse logistics

Approximately 33% of online orders are sent back as returns, 23% resulting from a mispick.

Improve first time accuracy

  • Provide workers with ergonomic solutions designed to increase comfort and focus
  • Deploy pick assist systems increase picking accuracy
  • Accelerate accuracy and returns processing with automated storage and retrieval systems that integrate with inventory management system
Achieve precise picking, minimize returns

Labor retention

Trying to fill open positions with qualified labor is tough.

Retain talent and reduce turnover

  • Redirect workers to more value-added tasks by deploying robotic solutions
  • Offer advanced ergonomic lift truck solutions to help reduce musculoskeletal problems related to operation
  • Use telematics to simplify checklists and reinforce positive behavior
Automate repetition


Take control with game changing solutions

Boost storage capacity and order fulfillment rates, while improving your bottom line.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to achieve results

Innovations designed to help increase operational efficiency and achieve next level performance.

Grow revenue per square foot

Find out how a customer added 33-45% more pick positions, increasing the number of SKUs and revenue per square foot – without a costly facility expansion.


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Increase slot capacity and picking efficiency

Discover how new slotting strategies and innovative multi-level lift truck design can enable higher performance and lower fulfillment costs.

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The ROI of Robotics

Learn how robotic lift trucks can help address labor challenges and control costs, while driving greater efficiency, productivity and reliability.

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