• Safety and Training

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    Safety is freedom from unacceptable risk of physical injury or damage to the health of people due to damage of property or the environment. Safety is lived out through a combination of functional safety, operator training, and proper equipment maintenance.

    Every Yale® lift truck is designed and built for optimal operator and pedestrian safety.  We have a long history of providing lift trucks designed to work safely in many applications. Yale® lift truck trucks can match customer needs using special options, such as the paper application kits; environmental packages, UL types GS, LPS, and EE; and many others.

    There are many factors that affect lift truck safety including:

    • Operator Training
    • Pedestrian rules and training
    • Proper equipment maintenance
    • Pre-Operational Inspection
    • Fork Inspections
    • Lift trucks designed with new technologies offering system-controlled functionality
    • Accessories tailored to your application

    Our goal here is to give you an overview of lift truck safety and how we may be able to help you meet your goals for safety and the related OSHA requirements. With the links in this section of our website, you can quickly access information on Operator Training, maintenance programs, safety features engineered in our trucks as well as available accessories for your application.

    More information regarding these programs and our products is available through your local Yale® Dealer.

    The information provided here is general and is not meant to change any requirements under OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck requirements.

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