• Training for You 

    Training means productivity… 

    We also offer a comprehensive program through which over 30,000 lift truck operators have been trained. Yale® Materials Handling also offers Instructor Guides.  Both programs have a number of elements.

    Benefits of Operator Training 

    • Operator training must include knowledge of the truck and operational characteristics, application information, ability to recognize hazards and special situations, and how to avoid risks while being productive
    • Operator training is imperative in promoting a safe work environment
    • Not only is operator training important to the safety of your employees, it's required*
    • OSHA regulations require specialized training and regular re-training for lift truck operators, and remedial training for operators involved in accidents or near accidents
    • In addition to operator training, pedestrians should understand operating characteristics of lift truck trucks when working in their proximity and should understand and follow pedestrian rules that are established for their specific environment by their employers.
    • Having specific documented workplace rules and enforcement of those rules is needed to reinforce lift truck safety
    • Every application and environment is unique
    • You and your employees, independent safety consultants, and your workers compensation specialists are all resources that can assist in developing appropriate rules that may help reduce or prevent the incidence of lift truck/pedestrian accidents in your workplace.

    Yale Operator Training 

    • Yale® pioneered professional lift truck operator training over 30 years ago and has trained over 30,000 lift truck operators
    • Yale Materials Handling Corporation's newest training reflects Industry Truck Association (ITA) recommendations, modern training methods, and many suggestions by trainers and safety directors
    • Yale Operator Training,  The Key to Productivity,  addresses all of these needs, can be tailored to your needs and is available through your local Yale® Dealer
    • Special versions for large or small fleets, English, Spanish or French, and video based- instruction
    • Yale® has the desire and ability to serve your training needs

    For more information on Operator Training, use our Dealer Locator to find your local Yale® Dealer or use our Contact Form.

    The information provided is general and is not meant to change any requirements under OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck requirements.

    * OSHA standard 1910.178(I) states "The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of training and evaluation specified in this paragraph (l)."