• Telemetry

    Measuring usage and controlling operating costs

    Telemetry and remote data monitoring has evolved to enable collection of much more detailed data associated with operating a lift truck fleet. But using this data to begin managing your fleet from a total cost of operation perspective involves much more than simply installing telemetry technology on a truck. It requires the technical ability to collect the data, a network architecture to make that data secure and accessible anywhere at any time, plus experienced fleet managers who can access this data, understand what it means, and then make operational recommendations as a result. To calculate total cost of ownership, fleet owners and managers need the ability to easily identify and track all operational costs of all trucks in the fleet. These costs should include labor, maintenance, energy usage utilisation and idle time, in addition to equipment rental, lease or purchase price.

    Yale tracker wireless asset management takes your fleet to the next level. Online access to your lift truck fleet is a vital part of today's fleet management approach. Yale Tracker provides true wireless fleet management, drives maximum fleet efficiency, improves safety, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.

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