3 Wheel Front Drive Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

A versatile, highly manoeuvrable front wheel drive electric truck


High performance, and energy efficiency combine in the most ergonomically advanced 3 wheel fork lift truck for medium to heavy duty applications

  • Ergonomically designed cab to suit the shortest/tallest of operators
  • Infinitely adjustable steering column
  • ‘Heads up’ display
  • Adjustable mini-lever module armrest
  • HiP (High Performance) and ECO-eLo (Energy Low) settings
Industry Sectors

- Retail Stores
- Warehouse & 3PL
- Wholesale Distribution

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The VT series compact design allows operation in the narrowest of aisles and also provides best-in-class manoeuvrability.

Energy efficiency and productivity can be matched to suit application needs while the unique ‘e-Balance’ of these can provide businesses with the best of both worlds.

Ergonomically designed cab to suit the shortest/tallest of operators

The operator cab has been designed around the shortest to the tallest operators to provide the most comfortable and ergonomic working compartment possible, reducing back strain and minimising fatigue throughout shifts.

Infinitely adjustable steering column

The Infinitely adjustable steering column comes with memory-tilt option and low step height provides easy on and off access.

‘Heads up’ display

The ‘heads up’ display keeps operators field of vision clear and provides ‘at a glance’ information on truck operating conditions and performance settings.

Adjustable mini-lever module armrest

The adjustable mini-lever module armrest has built-in hydraulic controls, directional switch, emergency disconnect and warning horn buttons to ensure operators stay in control.

HiP (High Performance) and ECO-eLo (Energy Low) settings

The HiP (High Performance) setting delivers a competitive performance of 16.0km/h (laden) while the ECO-eLo (Energy Low) setting delivers low energy consumption.

Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Battery Capacity Weight
ERP030VT 1360kg 600mm 6578mm 1481mm 36V / 880Ah - 48V / 660Ah(V/Ah) 2322kg
ERP035VT 1587kg 600mm 6578mm 1577mm 36V / 1100Ah - 48V / 770Ah(V/Ah) 2400kg
ERP040VT 1814kg 600mm 6578mm 1577mm 36V / 1100Ah - 48V / 770Ah(V/Ah) 2400kg

Yale Vision telemetry

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Yale Vision provides real-time fleet monitoring for more informed decisions. The solution offers easy-to-use dashboards and analytics to manage cost, optimise productivity and protect assets.

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