Uplifting solutions since 1875.

From traditional lift truck equipment to emerging technologies, our goal is to provide the solutions you need, when and how you need them

Our Company

Yale combines a process of continuous improvement, technology and over a century of experience in the lift truck business to solve the most pressing materials handling challenges in today’s fast-evolving industry landscape. From traditional lift truck equipment to emerging technologies, our goal every day is to work with our nationwide dealer network to keep our focus forward and on the customer with the solutions you need, when and how you need them.

Why we do what we do

Yale designs products to fulfill one key goal: enable our customers to realize maximum performance. And we achieve this by creating the most comfortable, effective and productive working environment for the operator.

Consult customers

We spend countless hours interviewing and observing lift truck operators as part of our blueprinting process. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers to better understand how they work and use their challenges to help drive the design and development of new equipment and features.

Conduct in-depth research

Ergonomic specialists within Yale engineering work with outside experts to account for the specific movements required to carry out lift truck operation, and integrate them into functional product designs. We also conduct customer surveys and research studies to understand the complexities of specific industries and materials handling applications.

Develop concepts

Customer evaluation plays an important role in our process for developing new concepts, helping
ensure lift truck features reflect user-based feedback.

Test pilots

In the early pilot phases, new features and equipment are rigorously tested and refined
based on customer feedback regarding performance and operational characteristics to enable further enhancement prior to full-scale roll-out.


Yale designs products to provide optimum front, rear and overhead visibility, helping boost operator awareness and confidence, and enable peak performance at height, in tight environments and elsewhere


Yale stand-up and sit-down models are designed to reduce the amount of shock and vibration transmitted to the operator, helping them fight off fatigue and stay more productive, longer

Smart control layout

To help operators avoid twisting, long reaches and challenging repetitive motion, Yale designs compartments to keep controls close at hand and intuitively positioned

Wherever you are, Yale is sure to be nearby

Yale is a large, global organization, but not a cold, faceless one. Our global presence gives us the ability to build, develop and manufacture at scale and with consistent quality.

  • Yale® materials handling equipment is designed, produced and marketed in 19 facilities worldwide, including 12 production facilities
  • Product design and manufacturing processes are applied globally to improve effectiveness, share best practices and ensure consistency
  • Supply chain and procurement functions leverage global market to source components and aftermarket parts that are both high quality and competitively priced

Our extensive regional presence gives us the agility to quickly respond to needs in the field and our local expertise provides a stronger, personal understanding of customer operations.

  • Customers are served by over xx  dealers across the nation
  • Yale helps coordinate materials handling purchases and services for large accounts that cross states, regions and countries
  • We have sales offices and field sales representatives located all over our footprint to help manage dealers and customer accounts


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Gold standard in sustainability

Yale plays a leading role in the materials handling industry’s shift to electrification and more environmentally sustainable products. Our first ever lift truck was a battery-powered model in 1920 and electrification continues to be at our core as we proactively address this environmentally conscious shift. By embracing social, environmental and economic health in every part of our organization, we are serving the long-term best interests of the company and our shareholders while helping contribute to solving challenges that impact our customers and our communities

Our awards

Excellence is ingrained in who we are. At Yale, we are often recognized for not only our high-quality products and services, but our green solutions and manufacturing practices. 

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