4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tyre

Power, increased battery life and performance for demanding applications


The FB15-35RZ 2 counterbalanced lift truck combines the power, clean performance and battery life modern operations require, all with advanced technology to keep business running smoothly, shift after shift.

  • Powerful performance
  • Ergonomic advantages
Industry Best

-3PL & Warehousing
-Auto Parts Distribution
-Cold & Frozen Foods
-Food Distribution
-Food Processing
-Health & Pharma
-Home Centers & Other Durables
-Rental Stores
-Retail & E-Commerce (DC/Fulfillment)

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Get the productivity, advanced technology and clean performance you require

Modern electric lift truck designed to meet the demands of today's operations

Powerful performance

The FB-RZ counterbalanced lift truck series is packed with electric power and productivity enhancing features your operation needs to meet ambitious performance targets.

  • AC controlled traction and hoist / steer motors provide rigorous performance to meet material handling needs
  • Regenerative braking charges battery during brake cycles to extend battery life
  • Adjustable performance modes to deliver right mix of energy efficiency and productivity to optimize operating cost
  • Battery life extends from up to 8.5 hours to up to 9.5 hours in Eco mode
  • Automatic speed reduction based on load and steering angle
Ergonomic advantages

In high-throughput logistics operations, lift truck operators must perform at their peak, all shift long. The FB-RZ series delivers ergonomic advantages to help maximize labor efficiency.

  • Operator compartment offers easy access, cushioned seat and space for operator comfort
  • Asynchronous and power assist steering ensures alignment between rotation of steering wheel and tires, enabling wheel to always return to same center position
  • Operator presence system will disengage truck function if operator leaves seat
  • Wide inner mast clearance optimizes mast visiblity for greater operator efficiency
  • Carriage light eminates from just above forks to illuminate workspace when operating at height
  • Blue pedestrian awareness light provides an additional alert to pedestrian and mobile equipment operators that forklifts are nearby
Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Battery Capacity
FB15RZ 1500kg 500mm 6025mm 1845mm 48V / 390-525Ah(V/Ah)
FB18RZ 1800kg 500mm 6025mm 1875mm 48V / 390-525Ah(V/Ah)
FB20RZ 2000kg 500mm 6035mm 1990mm 48V / 440-700Ah(V/Ah)
FB20SRZ 2000kg 500mm 6030mm 1910mm 48V / 390-525Ah(V/Ah)
FB25RZ 2500kg 500mm 6035mm 2035mm 48V / 565-700Ah(V/Ah)
FB30RZ 3000kg 500mm 6025mm 2190mm 48V / 440-600Ah(V/Ah)
FB35SRZ 3500kg 500mm 6030mm 2255mm 48V / 440-600Ah(V/Ah)

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