• Outstanding Ergonomics

    Yale® forklift trucks are designed and built for optimal operator ergonomics…

    Yale forklift truck mini-lever controlsProviding fork lift truck operators with a working environment designed for their comfort, all-round visibility, low noise levels and outstanding ergonomics has always been a fundamental requirement of Yale lift truck design. 

    All Yale® fork lift trucks have an operator compartment mounted on anti-vibration isolators to reduce vibration and road shocks being transmitted through the wheels and chassis of the truck to the seat of the operator. On engine powered models the isolated powertrain reduces noise and vibration helping minimise operator fatigue and increase operator productivity throughout the shift.

    Operator visibility

    Excellent all round operator visibility is provided by Yale’s “Command” driving position and rounded overhead guard design that also offers extra shoulder entry and headroom. These features ensure maximum visibility of the load and operating area on all electric and engine powered series. 

    Hydraulic control levers 

    The Yale mini-lever hydraulic control module with short reach and throw levers which require considerably less effort compared to manual hydraulic levers has been designed to reduce stress on the operator’s arms, hands and fingers. The fully integrated, adjustable, padded armrest has been designed to move simultaneously when the seat is adjusted providing additional level of comfort over long shifts.

    Operator compartment

    The small steering wheel, infinitely adjustable steer column and generous leg room provide operators of all statures with a comfortable working space. 

    Rear driving has also been made easier on many models with a convenient rear drive handle complete with horn button, optimally placed on the rear overhead guard leg. 

    Other key features include optimised step height for easy access, increased shoulder clearance, and ergonomically designed hydraulic controls.