Yale ERP70-90(S)VNL 4 Wheel Electric Truck  

4 Wheel Electric Lift Trucks

Yale Veracitor VNL Series

Designed to provide excellent performance optimized for lowest hourly cost of operation.

Electric Motors with Lithium Ion Battery

Internal water-cooled Permanent Magnet technology in the traction and lift system motors enables best in class performance with excellent energy efficiency, with few energy losses.

Battery system

  • Truck complies with EU low-voltage directives
  • Opportunity charging, even for short periods, gives extended run-time
  • Sufficient capacity to run intensive shifts, even to three-shift operation
  • Fully charge (100%) from flat in under 2 hours, in typical environmental conditions,
  • matched to 50kW charger
  • Li-ion battery is maintenance-free and has 3 times the life of lead acid batteries

Drive Axle and Brakes

The maintenance-free Yale Continuous Stability Enhancement (CSE) augments lateral stability without compromising travel over uneven surfaces. The trucks feature auto generative braking that uses the electric motor to slow the truck, minimising wear on the oil immersed brakes. The regenerative braking system reduces maintenance and extends truck dependability.

Hydraulic Power Steering

  • Responsive control, eliminating mechanical linkages for reduced surface shocks and
  • maintenance.
  • Centred, textured steering wheel has a spinner knob with four turns lock-to-lock.
  • Steer cylinder is located within the steer axle for protection.


ModelModel DesignationLoad CapacityLift HeightTurning RadiusBattery
ERP70SVNL4-Wheel Electric Truck7000 kg2940 mm3080 mmElectric
ERP70SVNL94-Wheel Electric Truck7000 kg3000 mm3145 mmElectric
ERP80SVNL4-Wheel Electric Truck8000 kg3000 mm3145 mmElectric
ERP80VNL94-Wheel Electric Truck8000 kg4500 mm3794 mmElectric
ERP90VNL4-Wheel Electric Truck9000 kg3000 mm3723 mmElectric


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ERP70-90(S)VNL Brochure



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