• A Range of Trucks to Answer Every Paper Industry Need

    Paper has a multitude of consumer and industrial uses, the majority of which can be recovered to provide pulp for reprocessing. Yale materials handling equipment can be used to handle everything, from loose and baled paper to finished sheets of paper. Each stage of the paper products cycle can require a wide range of different materials handling solutions and specialist equipment including bale and tissue roll clamps, rotating paper roll clamps and multi-pallet handlers.

  • Different solutions for different applications

    Yale has the equipment to be able to provide a solution for standard, difficult or specialist requirement applications or changes in operational needs. Our electric and internal combustion (IC) powered counterbalanced products are ideally sized and powered for moving paper rolls from storage to onward transport or conversion machinery, or recovered paper to balers for compression and for distribution. With Yale’s experience, businesses in the paper industry not only have the best equipment at their disposal – they also have the support of our expertise and a supplier who fully understands their unique and often challenging needs.

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