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Speed, quality and efficiency are critical

Patients and customers rely on your products to live comfortably. Don’t settle for just anyone to help you get them what they need.

Whether distributing pharmaceuticals, medical devices or consumer health products, you need reliable and advanced solutions to keep up.

From technologies to boost awareness and reduce incidents, to automated transport systems to efficient lift truck solutions, Yale has what you need to boost throughput and drive change.



Secure 20/20 vision

Know exactly what your trucks and operators are doing, and how they are performing with Yale Vision telematics.

  • Receive usage metrics, impact detection and alerts
  • Restrict truck access to approved operators only
  • Enforce OSHA pre-shift checklist completion
  • Impact camera option increases operator accountability

Yale Vision

Labour shortages and turnover can bring distribution to a screeching halt – not to mention, cost you big time. And if your trucks aren’t powered to run at peak performance, productivity and uptime will suffer.

Automate efficiency

Help streamline workflows, increase throughput and adhere to the “rules of the road.” Scale up with Yale Robotics.

  • Enhance picking accuracy and transport efficiency
  • Provider greater obstacle and pedestrian detection
  • Limit product touches and human error
  • Improve retention by promoting skilled labour to more engaging roles

Power-up productivity

Keep your trucks moving all shift long with lithium-ion batteries – the advanced power you need to excel.

  • Opportunity charge and reach up to 8 hours of continuous runtime
  • Fully charge in 1-2 hours, no cool down needed
  • Provide consistent power throughout discharge cycle
  • Eliminate battery maintenance downtime

Lithium-ion batteries

To stay ahead and keep costs down, speed and agility are imperative.

Decrease cycle times

Boost picking with lift trucks proven to reduce cycle times and get orders out the door faster – while keeping your operators fresh and comfortable all-shift long.

Achieve next-level performance with the Yale reach truck.

  • Increase productivity as much as 7% per truck/shift
  • Use up to 20% less energy for greater battery uptime
  • Achieve precise control with up to 33% greater through-the-mast visibility

Boost efficiency and throughput with the Yale Pallet Truck.

  • Smart features shave seconds off tasks for greater throughput
  • Precision pick allows control of speed and coast functions in both directions
  • Service faster and as much as 50% less often, reducing downtime

Reach_End Rider.png

Growing numbers of products and diverse packaging types are forcing the need for more space, a costly capital expense.

Maximize capacity

Get the stability and operator confidence you need to access higher storage locations and take advantage of unused cubic space.

  • Operate in aisles as narrow as 1.5m
  • Reaching lift heights of 18.3m Patented rigid mast minimises sway, increasing operator confidence and performance
  • Optimum visibility of the forks at all times
  • Standard “speed to height to weight” feature

Very narrow aisle truck


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