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Assistance in funding the Yale® forklift trucks you need now

Financing Overview

Yale® Financial Services offers a range of flexible materials handling equipment financing solutions to meet your business need. From a single fork lift truck to a large multi-national fleet, from a Finance Lease to a Long-Term-Rental solution, Yale Financial Services can help.

Through our Lease Rental options, (e.g. Fair-Market-Value lease & Contract Hire), YFS is able to provide a one-stop-shop financing solution to include the collection of service and maintenance payments in a single contract.

Our financing solutions can be tailored to suit each individual customer’s needs and may include flexible rental profiles, payment holidays and asset insurance. We work with our customers to develop a bespoke forklift finance solution to suit their budget and business requirements.

Yale Financial Services programmes are designed to make your selection of new forklift equipment as simple as possible. We have extensive lift truck expertise to guide you through the process; a variety of flexible financing plans tailored to meet your company's specific needs; financing for new or used trucks, as well as other equipment.

We have significant financing experience within the materials handling industry and can arrange the re-financing of an existing fleet and capital equipment and provide fleet buy-back and lease back options. We pride ourselves on top-quality customer service

Yale Financial Services offers several finance solutions that can include various options to suit your needs.

Financing products available

Financing products available through YFS include finance lease, lease rental, FMV leasing, contract hire and lease purchase.

Flexible agreed repayments

YFS have the experience and capability to structure a wide range of repayment profiles to suit your individual business’s cashflow needs.

Own equipment outright purchase

YFS have the capability to offer a one stop shop solution for the hire of your material handling equipment to include full service and maintenance and asset insurance.

Reduced regular payments

An optional deposit can be paid to reduce the regular payment amount.