How will your warehouse evolve in the next 5 years?

Flexibility… for warehouses that change

To meet your needs as they change, Yale Lift Truck Technologies supports you with warehouse solutions, intralogistics knowledge, local independent dealer expertise, and, most importantly, flexibility.


What should you be asking your warehouse equipment supplier?

These are the key questions to ask your warehouse equipment supplier when specifying or renegotiating your fleet to provide flexibility for the future.

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Flexible Solutions

Yale and its local dealers not only provide the reliable products, industry insight, and advice you need to make the right decision today, but can evolve with you as your business evolves, and the market, changes.

Don’t let inflexibility hold you back in your warehouse, particularly in a fast-changing world.

Independent Local Dealer Support

Yale has a network of independent dealers with the right knowledge, local understanding, and industry focus. This enables them to provide the flexible solutions to meet different challenges in different warehouses.

Yale dealers are unbiased, independent, experienced, and entrepreneurial.

Based across Europe, Middle East and Africa, our dealers have excellent local market knowledge, and act as consultants to help release the potential of your warehouse, wherever it is. They can work closely with you to provide the materials handling solutions, service and support that you need, even across multiple locations.

Yale robotic lift trucks

As robotics grows in intralogistics, your warehouse operation could potentially adapt to enjoy the benefits. Whatever the size of your intralogistics operation or warehouse, robotic warehouse trucks from Yale are more flexible and accessible than you might at first think. Why?

  • Yale Robotics don’t require big infrastructure investments to get your trucks up and running. Free up workers to spend time on value added tasks, by applying reliable robotics to repetitive tasks. Whether you implement one single truck or larger fleet, you can uncover new efficiencies. And we can help you build the business case to demonstrate true return on investment.
  • Traditional AGV machines use reflectors, which take time to install. Yale Robotics solutions use geonavigation, which takes data from the laser, and uses the application as a reference for positioning and navigation. That means, in some cases, we can arrive on site and have the robotic trucks up and running in days rather than weeks.
  • Sometimes warehouses have unexpected needs. Yale Robotic warehouse trucks can be switched to pedestrian-operated mode in seconds, giving you flexibility when it’s really needed.
Robotic reach truck places a package onto a warehouse rack
Multi-Purpose Warehouse Trucks

From micro-fulfilment to large distribution centres, Yale has a wide range of trucks for different types of intralogistics operations. What’s more, Yale warehouse trucks can often be used for many different types of tasks. This flexibility helps you optimise and right size your fleet.

A Yale Platform Pallet Truck, for example, could be used for unloading goods on the loading dock, and for order picking around the warehouse.

With labour shortages affecting many warehouses, many Yale warehouse trucks give operations greater flexibility in supporting different levels of driver experience. One example is the Yale Smart Lift™ function. Featured on selected Yale Pallet Trucks, it enables the operator to lift loads and start transporting the pallet before it’s at full lift and can help optimise efficiency for less experienced truck users.

An operator using a pallet stacker

Customisable warehouse equipment options

For us, flexibility means finding what works for you. Many types of Yale warehouse equipment come with a range of customisation options to suit your operators, your warehouse, and your operation. Options may include different types of mast, seat, platform, attachment, or operator assistance systems, some of which can be retrofitted if your requirements evolve.

Yale Vision telemetry can also be added across your warehouse trucks to provide data that shows where your needs or issues may be changing. With this insight, you can find opportunities to better utilise and optimise your fleet and harness the flexibility of your equipment.

Your intralogistics operation is unique, so an off-the-shelf product may not always meet your needs. For added flexibility, specially engineered Yale equipment can also be created to provide unique solutions for your unique needs.

A Series N truck diagram displaying the mast tilt function

Warehouse Simulator

Streamlined flowthrough and efficient use of site storage are vital in intralogistics operations. Effective scenario planning through up-to-date visualisation and data-driven simulation tools from Yale could help you better optimise your warehouse infrastructure while remaining flexible through unexpected changes.

The Yale Warehouse Simulator is bespoke software that allows us to design different warehouse layout options based on real world situations. By simulating various scenarios, we can help to enhance your fleet performance and efficiency.

Designed for flexible intralogistics

Industry-leading warehouse products

The materials handling equipment decisions you make now impact the possibilities for your future warehouse. Yale lift truck solutions are optimised for your changing intralogistics needs.

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